Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Current Status

Total Mileage, 2006: 2,450.23
211 hours and 14 minutes riding
222 days since I started riding regularly (average 11.04 miles / day)
Current Weight: 242.5 lbs.
Overall average speed: 11.6 mph

My average speed peaked August 3rd at 13.39 mph. I keep a weighted average, which lets me see my fitness progress, at least until I start to reach the limitations of my tires and gear ratio. My current average is 11.98 mph, which is mostly due to the week I didn't ride during GenCon and this last week, when I took a 5-day break after riding up to Mt. Hood.

Well, at least my recoveries are getting quicker!

This blog has been more a log of my progress than anything else, and probably immensely boring to the odd traveler that ends up here. I think I have maybe 3 regular visitors. *grins*

Well, back to the ole' grind. Heading to the Shift! to Bikes meeting tonight at ACME (not at Urban Grind this time) at 7pm. Report coming later.


Seafarer said...

As a lurker to your blog for a little bit, I'd like to say thanks for sharing your progress. I'm also a transplant from Michigan who is a total biking newbie. Shift seems like a great group and I'm looking forward to my first MMR on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Seafarer! It was great getting to meet you at the MMR. Wish we'd had more time to talk, but I get a little tongue-tied in social situations. It was great to see you volunteering on Saturday and again at the picnic on Sunday. Mr. Man is a cute kid, and I enjoyed meeting him. We have a 2-year old here at the house ourselves.