Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Late Long Haul

Well, the weekend only went sort of as planned. I made the MMR, but missed out on Meghan's bike move - I had to work longer than expected on Saturday, and was a little tired from the MMR. Riding 30+ miles to get a trailer, ride to the move, do the move, ride to the after-move party, ride to return the trailer, and ride home is do-able, but not when I got home at 5am and had only 3 hours of sleep.

Sorry Meghan - I'll do better next time, or skip the MMR.

The St. Velotine's Breakfast on the Bridge today was cool - I didn't get to stay long, just long enough to talk to Jonathan, Shawn, Steph (the "other" Steph) and Kirsty. Oh, and to drink a half-cup of coffee (that's the whole reason for stopping in the first place) ;-)

I'm now up to 332.7 miles for the year, with 32.4 hours on the bike. 245.5 pounds - at the moment I'm losing 2 pounds per week, but we'll see if that holds up after the next month. I hope so, if I can keep that up, I could be down to 190 by the time of Cycle Oregon.

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Tomas_Quinones said...

Your mileage is catching up to me. I'm only at 358.