Friday, April 27, 2007

Breakfast on the Bridge! Oh, and a ride!

Today's Stats:
Mileage: 12.68 miles
Top Speed: 29.1 mph
Average Speed: 13.7 mph (YAY)
Time in Saddle: 55 minutes, 36 seconds
Weight this Morning: 248 (Not so Yay)

Year-to-Date Stats:
Days: 117
Miles Ridden: 1,017.07 (an average of 8.69 miles per day)
Overall Average Speed: 10.7 mph
Top Speed: 35.8 mph (March 28th)
Fastest Average Speed To/From Work: 13.7 mph (today!) / 11.4 mph (Mar 21 / Apr 26)
Total Time in Saddle: 96 hours, 14 minutes
Goal Mileage, April 27th: 1,637 miles
2006 Mileage, April 27th: 1,060.81

Argh! I'm behind again! Not surprising, since I've been off the bike for two weeks! Not entirely by choice - my back wheel was totally hosed, and I was going to try to fix it myself, and loused it up. So, I begged Tomas to fix it for me, which he graciously did. So now it's rideable again, and the back wheel no longer makes those annoying spoke-popping and tensioning noises. Hopefully that means I won't lose any more spokes for a while. I mean, I'm replacing that wheel anyway, but probably not for another month or two.

Today I took a long, boring video with my digital camera, starting from my residence and going all the way to my bike locker downtown. I let it run the entire hour and 8 minutes - 55 minutes on the bike (plus a few minutes stopped at lights), and the whole 8-10 minutes I was at Breakfast on the Bridge today. I missed last month's, so it was good to stop by for a short bit.

I now have all the camping gear I need for Cycle Oregon, and now I just have a list of items I need to get for the bike - new cassette, new chain, brake pads, and bike clothing. I'm still stoked about going, and I really hope I can make it every day.

On the "activist" front, I've expressed my displeasure publicly to Mayor Tom Potter over his proposed budget, specifically the removal of funding for the Platinum Bicycle Master Plan Update. My email (comment #6) generated a couple of flattering comments on its own. I guess 8 years in the military and 10 years in the corporate world is worth something. I hope it helps. There were over 300 separate comments submitted to the Mayor's office, so one would think that they might look at that one again. I will be on the Master Plan Update Ride (#4) on Tuesday in North Portland, both to show my support and to learn more about conditions in that part of the city. I know a bit from previous rides, but I expect I'll learn things I had no clue about (just like on every other ride I've done in Portland). Also, I have another upcoming Milwaukie TSP Update meeting on Wednesday, and the 2nd (and final?) TSP Bike/Ped meeting on May 5th. I don't know what's happening with "Umbrella" at the moment - we're ready to work up our 1023 once we have the final info we need.

Well, that's it for now - back to work.

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