Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Yikes - Where's all the Posts?

Ok, I've been a little remiss in the updates.

First off, I did the Seattle to Portland ride, and it went pretty well. Secondly, I went on Jeff Bernards' Oxbow Park camping trip, and that was fun. Now, we're in the home stretch for that penultimate Oregon event - Cycle Oregon!

I still feel I'm not ready - I haven't done enough hills, and I haven't done any core exercises. The only thing I've got going in my favor is that I just bought 1.25" tires (to replace my 1.4" tires) and I've ridden nearly 3,000 miles already this year. (the marvels of living far, far away from everyone else). In fact, here are the stats:

As of noon, 07 August 2007:
Total Mileage: 2,943.76 miles (average of 13.44 miles per day)
Last Year (This Date): 2,196.76 miles
Scheduled This Year: 3,402 miles (444 miles behind schedule)
Average Speed: 10.7 mph
Total Time on Bike: 276 hours, 54 minutes

At my current rate, I should roll at least 4,906 miles by year end - a goal of 5,000 miles for the year is not out of the question.

The most exciting part is that last year, for the whole year, I rode 3,022 miles. I should pass that before the end of this week, nearly 4 months earlier than last year!

I'm really looking forward to what's coming up!


Anonymous said...

yeah where is all teh posts?

huh huh?

Connie said...

Go, Matt, Go!!!