Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Bike!

Yes, I got a new touring bike - a 2008 Kona Sutra (yes, I'm sure the name was intentional). She's a beautiful bike, and I'm already calling her my trophy girlfriend. (she's younger, prettier, and costs a lot more)

I bought her at Sellwood Cycle Repair at a very reasonable price, and she fits like a glove. Very responsive, well-balanced even under load, and I love the disc brakes. My one complaint is that I can't seem to find anywhere to mount a kickstand. I'll figure something out eventually, I'm sure.

I've already ridden 130 miles on her, including a 48-mile jaunt out to Troutdale and back, and I'll be putting on another 40+ miles this Sunday. I'm just loving it! Anyway, I haven't updated my stats recently, so here they are:

Stats for 2008, as of 02/13
Total Mileage: 632.9 (average of 14.06 miles per day)
Average Speed: 9.6mph
Total Time: 66 hours, 21 minutes in the saddle

Mileage by bike
2004 Gary Fisher Wahoo: 486.23 miles (mountain bike) (pic from Flickr)
2008 Kona Sutra: 130.6 miles (touring bike) (pic from Flickr)
200? Huffy Sea Star: 16.07 miles (20" girl's child's bike - for zoobombing)

I got an impressive bruise from wiping out on Zoobomb about a month ago (which is what happens when you drink and bike, um... or if you bomb the hill at excessive speed on a kids bike with a wheel size half your age) - I think I'm about ready to head back from another go. No, that last picture isn't me, it's Reverend Phil.

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