Monday, July 14, 2008

New Posts on the Way!

Ok, so it's time to update the blog and start posting on a regular basis again. No excuse since I'm not at the moment employed.

First of all, I've been rockin' it with the mileage. We are 196 days into 2008, and I've averaged almost 20 miles per day - 3,825.77 miles so far, including the 200+ miles of the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic. At an overall average speed of 9.8 mph, that's 378 hours of saddle time!

This year, there were 9,500 riders in StP, and I have to say that despite the increased numbers (last year was 8,000) this event was much better than the previous 2 years. I've got photos going up on my Flickr account (check the sidebar for the link) in another day or two.

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