Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tuesday Rides (To Work / To Home)

Ride Details:
Distance: 10.97 / 11.08 miles
Top Speed: 31.0 / 31.3 mph
Average Speed: 12.5 / 10.9 mph
Time on Bike: 52 min, 44 sec / 1 hr, 59 sec
Temperature: 45 / 62 degrees F
Weather: Wet / Dry

Springwater Trail:
36 cyclists, 18 joggers, 1 rollerblader, 2 guys with fishing poles
(This is on the way home. 60+ temperatures start to bring everyone out)

Matt Details:
Weight: 245 pounds (need to ride more)
Feels: Felt good after the ride
Total 2006 Mileage: 890.53 miles
Total Time in the Saddle: 83 hours, 18 minutes
Average Miles per Day: 11.87

My last entry was the 23rd. I didn't do a training ride the following weekend due to Gamestorm. I rode 2 days the next week (Thursday the 30th and Friday the 31st) and showed up for Breakfast on the Bridges (Thanks, SHIFT! To Bikes). The weekend after that I spent with the ladies watching Lost all weekend. Last week, I was at New Horizons all week after work. My wife picked me up each night, and I had to take the bus out there, so I opted not to ride to make it easier on her on the trips back. Once I get a car rack for the bike, this won't be an issue. So, I haven't ridden for 11 days. On the plus side, everything has healed up. On the minus side, I'm already losing a bit of muscle tone. So, yesterday I got back on the bike. I put in the normal 22 miles yesterday, and I feel pretty good. I made average time in and excellent time back. On the way back, I even took Oatfield one gear higher than normal, which makes me feel pretty good - there's still improvement going on, despite the long break.

Next week I again have classes at New Horizons. I'm looking forward to it, and I plan to ride again. It means getting home comparatively late, but that's the price you pay for opting to bike. I need to crank the mileage back up above 16 miles per day. Eventually, I should average out to 20 miles per day or more. (20 mpd is my normal commute every day plus a 30-mile ride on Sunday)

Ok, time to hit the bike and hoof it to work - later, y'all.

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