Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ride Report - Tuesday Afternoon

Ride Details:
Distance: 11.60 miles
Top Speed: Unknown (GPS says 38.1, but I know it wasn't that fast)
Average Speed: 14.4 mph (new best)
Time on Bike: 48 minutes, 30 seconds
Temperature: 65 degrees F rising to 67 by ride end
Weather: Dry

Matt Details:
Feels: Feel good - a good tired
Total 2006 Mileage: 1,140.21 miles
Total Time in the Saddle: 104 hours, 32 minutes
Average Miles per Day: 11.18

Took McLoughlin up on the way home, which means I took a shallower hill than Oatfield. This plus a tailwind got me home a full 2 mph faster than my previous best, and actually faster than my fastest speed in to work. This is my first time on the bike since Friday (which I didn't blog here). Hopefully I'm back to cycling daily. Right now I really need to be on the bike, for a lot of reasons.

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