Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ride Report - Wednesday Morning

Ride Details:
Distance: 10.90 miles
Top Speed: 32.1 mph
Average Speed: 15.1 mph (new best)
Time on Bike: 43 minutes, 11 seconds
Temperature: 47 degrees F
Weather: Dry

Matt Details:
Feels: Feel good. no problems with the knee until the end of the ride
Total 2006 Mileage: 1,151.11 miles
Total Time in the Saddle: 105 hours, 16 minutes
Average Miles per Day: 11.18

It's now been 103 days since I started riding. During that time, I've seen my average cycling speed increase from 10.2 mph to 12.2 mph (I keep a running average based on the last 10 rides). The muscles in my legs have gotten pretty hard - now if I can just get rid of the fat around them, I'll be alright. My weight is down to 243 - I won't get excited though until I drop below 234, which was my lowest weight when I was hiking all the time in 2002. It's hard to believe that it's been 4 years since I took that class with the Mazamas. I summitted St. Helens and Broken Top that year, and haven't done anything really big since. I don't quite feel like I gave up, but I wish I was hiking more. Time has become an issue, and I'm not 30 minutes from the Gorge anymore, so I can't do the summer jaunts up Waukeena that I did in the summer of 2002 (not to mention gas then was half the price it is now).

I think cycle touring is going to eventually be my thing, once I get properly outfitted. Might need a new bike for that. :-D

Oh, and I forgot - some woman tried to run me over with her SUV this morning on SE Caruthers near the Portland Opera. I was going straight in the bike lane and stopped for the stop sign at Water Ave, and she stopped next to me at the same time. I started to go and she tried to turn across me, then stopped and gave me an odd expression like she was surprised that I had continued. Not only that, but she didn't even use a turn signal.

I swear, drivers are getting worse.

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