Friday, October 27, 2006

The Scary Helmet Ride

Just in time for Halloween, it's the Scary Helmet Ride!

(click on the pic for full-size route map)

You are invited to join me for a Halloween ride through Ladd's addition, Belmont and Laurelhurst. We'll start and end at Lucky Lab brew pub on Hawthorne & SE 9th, and ride a little more than 5 miles through quiet neighborhoods and (in theory) scare the 'lil children (in a kind-hearted way of course).

Bring a SCARY helmet, or dress up, and bring some goodies to share with everyone. The ride leaves Lucky Lab at 6pm!


Anonymous said...

does this mean that your bike is okay again?
i'll be dragonboating, but as chance would have it we're meeting up at the Lab after practice, about 7:45. see you there, or will you still be biking?

Anonymous said...

My bike is fixed and running well!

We'll be leaving at 6:15 and getting back at about 7pm, right in time for the PUMP meeting. I will likely still be at the Lab at 7:45. Hope to see you there, and have fun dragonboating!