Friday, May 18, 2007

Mileage Report - Friday, May 18th

First of all, let me start out by saying the Bike to Work event put on by PDOT was great, and on top of that, Jay Graves worked on my bike!

See, I have proof! ;-)

There were eggs and toast (I don't know what you call that - they tore out the center of the bread and used that hole to contain the egg while it fried), pedal-powered smoothies, bagels and other goodies. Elly handed out stickers, Jeff Smith from PDOT was at the grill, Roger Geller was there, as was half of Shift and at least a couple members of the BTA. Oh, and Aaron Tarfman, transportation diplomat and member of ECT. I got to stay for most of the event, since I took the day off work. (Yes, I know, kind of defeats the purpose of Bike-to-Work) I took advantage of my day to ride around taking pictures, ostensibly for the Milwaukie TSP Street Design workshop. In practice, though, I think I got more pictures of cool houses & buildings in Historic Irvington and SE Belmont and Hawthorne than I did street features.

The day was great, though, and I spun 58.4 miles on Wednesday. I capped off the day with the Ride of Silence, a memorial for fallen cyclists. We passed 5 (or was it 6) of the ghost bikes in Portland which mark the locations where cyclists were killed by cars. City Commissioner Sam Adams was there, Mayor Tom Potter was not. <Soapbox Moment> I don't know how Tom Potter can say he's a friend of cyclists, and helps the community when he not only initially does not fund the bike master plan update, but also never shows up for community events involving cycling. A one-time showing at the opening of the Three Bridges project does not count. </Soapbox>

The RoS was a little eerie - having hundreds of cyclists riding without noise, without cheering, everyone with a somber expression, wearing black armbands, and only the sound of gears and pedals turning. A dozen or so of Portland's motorcycle officers were our official escort, as we had a parade permit. The route took us down (and blocked) a number of main routes in the city: Alberta, MLK, Fremont, 33rd Avenue, Stark and Belmont. I don't know what everyone in their cars thought of this spectacle of bikers showly riding by with police escort.

It was a serious end to the day, but one I feel very.... priviledged to be a part of. While I didn't know any of the deceased cyclists personally, for a moment I felt one with all cyclists on the ride, worldwide, honoring those who have gone, and commiserating with the loved ones they left behind. The power of those emotions, and the rituals that we build to surround and direct them, is in a word, awe-inspiring.

The Shift meeting afterwards was an appropriate coda, and a good opportunity to unwind.

Wow. reading that makes this next part seem trite.

Mileage as of May 18th:
Total miles: 1,394.56 (average 10.11 miles/day for 138 days)
Average Speed (overall): 10.7 mph
133:05:36 hours total saddle time
Top Speed: 42.8 mph (May 10th, 2007)

Goal Mileage: 2028 miles
Mileage this date last year: 1209.25 miles

Big Rides: 2006 (over 30 miles, single ride)
Feb 12th: 41.46 (Worst Day of the Year Ride)
Feb 19th: 52.16
Mar 05th: 74.58
Mar 19th: 101.00
Jun 15th: 85.03
Jul 02nd: 107.07
Jul 15th: 103.25 (Seattle to Portland)
Jul 16th: 103.25 (Seattle to Portland)
Aug 27th: 113.13 (Rode from Milwaukie to Timberline and back)
Sep 12th: 34.78
Oct 08th: 78.42 (Harvest Century)
Nov 12th: 30.63

Big Rides: 2006 (over 30 miles, single ride)
Jan 07th: 34.36
Mar 25th: 55.01
May 01st: 32.43
May 05th: 40.03
May 29th: 31.85 (Added May 31st)

Hmm.... my rides are a bit smaller this year - going to have to correct that forthwith. I have ridden 12 of the last 14 days, though. February and April were my weak points this year, with a 12-day and 14-day gap, respectively.

Back to the grind.

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