Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ride Report - End of May 2007

3rd consecutive day riding after my 6-day hiatus. Feels good, though the muscles are a little tired.

Mileage: 12.71 (this morning)
Top Speed: 25.8 mph (nothing special)
Average Speed: 11.0 mph (took it easy, and still got a good avg. spd.)
Time: 01:09:09
Temperature: 60 degrees F
Weight: 248 pounds

For the Year
151 Days in. 1,513.90 miles (average 10.03 miles per day)
Average speed is 10.7 mph, for a total of 143:59:50 in the saddle (that's almost 6 full days)
Top Speed (downhill): 42.8 mph (May 10th)
Highest Average Speed for 2007 Commute: 13.7 mph (April 27th)
Highest Average Speed ever on Commute: 16.5 mph (from old house on SE Allan in Oak Grove)

Total Mileage, May 31, 2007: 1,513.90 miles
Goal Mileage, May 31, 2007: 2,184.00 miles (I am 681 miles behind my goal)
Prior Mileage, May 31, 2006: 1,231.99 miles (I am 282 miles ahead of last year)

The weather has been nice, though hot in the evening. I'm really ready to have 70 degree days, but I think we're done with that for the season. Pedalpalooza is coming, and I am leading a ride on June 18th.

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