Monday, May 28, 2007

Non-Cycling Memorial Day Weekend

Yes, it's true - sometimes I do things that have nothing to do with the bike. No, I am not in this picture. This is the Egil Skalligrimson Memorial Tournament, which is an SCA event. The SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism, a 41-year old organization where people emulate pre-17th century personas (a persona is like a character. You create a fictitious person who could have existed in the time period you are interested in, and that becomes your name / persona in the Society) (Yes, I simplified that explanation - you SCAdians can just deal with it).
My name in the SCA, for example, is Hallgrimr Ulfsson. Hallgrimr is a norseman from 10th century Norway - commonly referred to as a Viking. Egils (the Egil Skal. Mem. Tourney) is / was primarily a norse-themed event. (they changed that this year - now it's all periods) So, I spent the weekend camping with a bunch of people in Creswell, Oregon, all dressed in pre-17th century garb and running around with chainmail, swords, axes and all kinds of cool stuff.
It also means I was off the bike for 6 days. *sigh*

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