Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ride Report - Thursday Feb 23rd

Ride Details:
Mileage: 11.20
Top Speed: 31.8mph (flying down Oatfield at the hill)
Time on Bike: 00:56:03
Temperature: 45 degrees F

On the Springwater Trail:
Bicyclists: 5
Joggers: 2
Cats: 3

For future reference: on my commuter rides, I count the number of joggers and cyclists I pass (or who pass me) on the Springwater Trail - specifically the 3 mile long section that runs next to the Oregon Pacific Railroad tracks.
Near the north end, somone has placed about a half dozen food dishes next to the railroad tracks, almost directly underneath the Ross Island Bridge (Powell). At first, there was a black cat that came and ate the food. Now, there are five, and four of them look to be kids of the first one. All five are black as coal. The other week I saw all five of them, and I was worried that the recent cold snap might have taken them. Today I saw three, so I'll have to see if they're still around. It's sad that someone is feeding these wild cats (Portlanders are BIG on cats), because there are already too many strays and when they're caught they are inevitably put down.

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