Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ride Report - Tuesday, February 28th

Ride Details:
Distance: 12.38 miles (including a lunchtime trip to REI
Top Speed: 21.9 mph (flying down Oatfield at the hill)
Average Speed: 11.4 mph
Time on Bike: 01:05:05
Temperature: 46 degrees F

On the Springwater Trail:
Bicyclists: 3
Joggers: 2
Cats: 0

Notes: Lots of rain. A steady rain, in Michigan it would be considered heavy drizzle or light rain. About 2/10 of an inch in the 1 hour I was riding. Again it was kind of messy - the fenders I bought yesterday at REI didn't fit either my bike or Tomas' bike, so back they went. I had to wear my hiking backpack with me to work, because it's the only thing large enough to hold the fenders and keep them from getting all muddy on the trip downtown (REI doesn't like to take back muddy merchandise - go figure). My Vaude backpack has an integral raincover, which today was invaluable. Riding home will be easier - it looks like the rain is done for the day, at least until sunset.

I know I still need to finish my "ride home" series of pictures - hopefully I'll do that today or tomorrow.

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