Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ride Report - Tuesday Evening

Ride Details:
Distance: 11.07 miles
Top Speed: 21.4 mph
Average Speed: 9.4 mph
Time on Bike: 01:10:40
Temperature: 46

Springwater Trail:
Bicycles: 13
Joggers: 4
Cats: None

Well, I was wrong about the rain - it wasn't done. Right after I walked out of my building, it started dripping. By the time I met Tomas at Waterfront Park, it was starting to actually rain. We mounted the new front fenders on the bikes and headed home.

You can tell that the weather here in Portland is getting better - there are more people out and about in the evening. The Springwater Trail section along the river had 13 cyclists and 4 joggers, compared to 10 and 2 the day before and 0 last week when we had that cold snap.

Anyway, of course it stopped raining about 20 minutes after we got back to the house. That's Portland for you.

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