Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ride Report - Thursday Evening, March 3rd

Ride Details:
Distance: about 12 miles
Top Speed: unknown
Average Speed: about 8.5 mph
Time on Bike: at least 1.5 hours
Temperature: 50 degrees dropping down to 46 degrees F

Springwater Trail:
Bicycles: 10
Joggers: 2
Rollerskaters: 1
Cats: 1

This was the last commute home with Tomas - he moves out tomorrow and I am going to New Horizons tonight before going home. Rough ride. We stopped at River City Bicycles so Tomas could pick up a new cassette (his old one had too many teeth). This was for his road bike, he was riding the mountain bike. On 17th on the way home, Tomas dropped a couple gears really quick to get more pedalling power, and broke the chain, banging his knee on the pedal and nearly wiping out in the process. After making sure he was ok, I gave him my transit pass and kept riding home (he was only 1/4 mile from the transit center). When I got to my home street, the bus he was supposed to be on passed me without stopping. Cellphone time. I called him up, and the bus had left without him all of a sudden. (This happens sometimes with Tri-Met - the driver leaves the bus off, goes and does something, comes back, gets in the bus, starts it up and takes off. They're supposed to wait 2-3 minutes after starting the bus)

So, I ended up riding the last bit to the house, getting Tomas' car and taking it down to meet him at G.I. Joe's and taking him back to the house. So, with all this, what should have been a 90 minute trip home ended up being 150 minutes. Ugh.

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