Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ride Report - Wednesday Morning

Ride Details:
Distance: 10.91 miles
Top Speed: 30.2 mph
Average Speed: 12.4 mph
Time on Bike: 00:52:37
Temperature: 42-43 degrees F
Weather: Raining (light)

Springwater Trail:
Bicycles: 5
Joggers: 3
Cats: 5

Matt Details:
Weight: Unknown - didn't step on scale this morning.
Feels: Legs are a bit tired, but ok.
Total 2006 Mileage: 638.47
Total Time in the Saddle: 61 hrs, 2 min.
Average Miles per Day: 15.96
Calories Consumed Tuesday: 2,850
Calories Burned Tuesday: 3,400 (approximate)

The ride went well, though I was warm at the end. I was cold in the house this morning and didn't want to be cold riding, so I wore an extra layer - shirt, sweatshirt, raingear on top; shorts, thermals and rain gear below. With the balaclava and gloves I stayed mostly toasty, especially on my two climbs. I normally climb 170' and drop 510' on the way in. On the way home, of course, these numbers are reversed. I got up to 30 mph on Oatfield, which is good for the rain - I don't go faster because I take the hairpin corner pretty slow (a wipeout there would be bad).

It's supposed to rain all day, so it'll be a wet commute home.

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