Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Year-to-Date Stats

As of 9am, March 1st, 2006:

Total Mileage: 461.76 miles
Average Speed: 10.5 mph
Total Time, Average Ride: 01:14:12
Total Time on Bike: 44:31:24
Estimated Total Vertical Climb, all rides: 18,000' (+/- 1,000')

Total number of rides: 38 (listed as 37 in my spreadsheet - I forgot to separate out the ride to REI yesterday)
Shortest Ride: 2.38 miles
Longest Ride: 52.16 miles
Normal Commute: 10.9 miles one-way
High Temperature: 54 degrees F
Low Temperature: 26 degrees F (about 18-19 with wind chill)

All in all, not bad. If I keep up my current schedule, I'll have more than 6,000 miles for the year when I'm done.

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