Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ride Report - Wednesday Morning

Ride Details:
Distance: 10.89 miles
Top Speed: 27.4 mph
Average Speed: 11 mph
Time on Bike: 00:59:28
Temperature: 41 degrees F

Springwater Trail:
Bicycles: 5
Joggers: 2
Cats: 2

No Tomas - he has the day off work. I need to get used to it anyway - once he moves out to his new apartment, I won't have a riding buddy in the mornings. I stole the batteries out of the stereo remote (which we almost never use) for my GPS, since the AA's in there were dead and we don't have any in the house. Which means I'll know if my wife is reading my blog because she'll say something to me about that. :-D

My muscles are tired, from overwork, from not enough sleep, etc. I'm pretty sure I'll be turning in early tonight. I'm back off caffeine since the weekend, except for the very occasional piece of chocolate (mostly protein bars, when I eat them).

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